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Yoga means different things to different people. To some it is a physical practice that brings balance and ease to their body.  For others, it is a body-mind practice, bringing not only physical health benefits but also encouraging mental and emotional well-being. For those who want to see and experience yoga in its full glory, yoga is a personal practice for body, mind and spirit. 


Yoga has the possibility to change people’s lives.Each time you come to your mat can reflect a change in your life – Anything becomes possible. 


I teach Vinyasa Flow, which simply means linking movement with breath - 

It’s a free flowing practice!


There are 5 main ingredients that make up Vinyasa Flow: asana (poses), vinyasa (flow), pranayama (breath), bandha (energy locks), and drishti (gaze). Using the 5 main ingredients with an open heart is what makes yoga accessible to everybody no matter their background, age or physical ability.


Yoga is for everyone!

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